SizeGenetics Review


SizeGenetics Review

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SizeGenetics Facts – Is the SizeGenetics Your Best Option?

There are up to ten major brands of penis extenders and also a variety of price tags that are available on the market. This thing can certainly leave you in wonder about which extender is the safest and most effective.

The SizeGenetics is one of the first penis extenders introduced to the public market. This product has been available in 14 years and it has been developing a reputation as an industry leading device.

Where does the SizeGenetics come from?

SizeGenetics is made by the doctors and plastic surgeons in Denmark. Jes Extender was originally created as a post-operative treatment device after a penis enlargement surgery. But during the testing, it was clear that this device actually helped of all its users, whether they had undergone surgery or not. This product is able to help you get a longer and thicker penis.

Up to this point, SizeGenetics has been successfully helping more than 250.000 men around the world to have a thicker and stronger penis that they always want without any risks or complications that quite commonly arise through penis enlargement surgery.

In fact if you total the gains of their penises, they have been extended by approximately 2.750 meters! That is the equivalent of the Golden Gate Bridge!

SizeGenetics FAQ

Due to the proven track record of success, the medical device ratings, the quality and comfort the materials provide, we highly suggest you to use the SizeGenetics as an effective penis enlargement solution, but there are a few things you should know when you decide if it is your best option.

Does the SizeGenetics Work?

Compared to all of the penis extenders that are available on the market, SizeGenetics has the longest track record and also the most number of users. This thing proves its effectiveness more than the other competitors. This product has been clinically tested on men with the age ranges of 18-47. The result showed that this device was able to increase the size of their penis by an average of 28% in length and 19% in girth. The highest gain recorder was an enormous 44% in length!

SizeGenetics is classified as a Medical Type 1 Device and it also carries a European CE mark which is only given to the products that meet the strict standards of the European Union.

About how long you will see the noticeable gain by using SizeGenetics is all depending on how long you wear this product. The normal time is between eight to twelve hours a day. The strength of the stretching force will also affect your gain. SizeGenetics can be customized to deliver tension force between 500-1500g.

Is the SizeGenetics comfortable to wear?

SizeGenetics does not use those cheap silicone noose approach to secure the device at the head of the penis. These cheap silicone nooses are usually found in the penis extenders with lean price tag. But instead SizeGenetics uses a protection pad that is held in place by the cohesive gauze and a comfort strap so the blood circulation will not be restricted at only the head of the penis. This allows you to be able to wear this device comfortably for the suggested time period to get the best results. One of the most common reasons why cheaper imitations of penis extender fail big time is because the users are not able to wear the device for the necessary time periods per day due to the discomforts.

Will the others know I am wearing it?

The answer is no. SizeGenetics is a discreet product and you can wear it under loose trousers. Wearing SizeGenetics will not prevent you from doing your daily activities such as working, driving, and sleeping. Some men choose to wear this device for a few hours before their work time and then after work or during sleep if their job involves a heavy amount pf physical activity. It is recommended not to wear this device during an intense physical workout such as at the gym.

At this age, a lot of women start to use all manner of medical science to change their appearance. It is good to see that men are finally catching up.

The SizeGenetics is the leader of male enlargement products industry and also the penis enlargement solution of choice for more than 250.000 men. The SizeGenetics comes in 4 packages – Ultimate System, Comfort Package, Comfort Package Value Edition, and Curvature and Peyronie’s Edition.

Find out which SizeGenetics package is the best value solution by visiting the official website:



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