SizeGenetics Facts – Is the SizeGenetics Your Best Option? There are up to ten major brands of penis extenders and also a variety of price tags that are available on the market. This thing can certainly leave you in wonder about which extender is the safest and most effective. The SizeGenetics is one of the first penis extenders introduced to the public market. This product has been available in 14 years and it has been developing a reputation as an industry leading device. Where does the SizeGenetics come from? SizeGenetics is made by the doctors and plastic surgeons in Denmark. Jes Extender was originally createdRead More →


The Truth From Penis Enlargement Pills Reviews You can find a lot of penis enlargement reviews that are posted online by the real customers who have used the products. These pills have helped countless of men who have small penis size and/or sexual difficulties, achieve some improvement in their sexual activities. So do these pills really work? The answer is both yes and no, if these pills didn’t work the companies would stop making them right? So they do work, but unfortunately only for some people. Some men that have reached the maximum size of the penis may not grow an inch anymore. But nowRead More →