Male Extra Review


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Reviews of Male Extra:

The majority of reviews found on the internet for “Male Extra” are not too reliable. You should purchase this penile enhancement product only after you know what this pill is all about. Now we are aiming to tell you all about Male Extra. In this short review of Male Extra, let’s take a look at this quiet new male enhancement product and decide for yourself if it is worth purchasing and trying or not.

1. What are the things I get when I purchase Male Extra?

There are two things that you will get, they are:

  1. The Male Extra pills which are the penis enhancement supplements
  2. Pro Erection Gel.

2. Reputation of vendor

Permenda LTD is the company that created Male Extra. It is based and registered in England and Wales as a Limited Liability Company. Permenda LTD has a good reputation and also offers incredible support for their customers. At this point, Male Extra appears to be a product that is trustworthy.

3. Advantages and ingredients of Male Extra

The strange thing is, on the website of Permenda LTD there aren’t any lists of specific advantages of the product for the customers to read. But when we read the ingredients of Male Extra, we can see that there are special blends of aphrodisiac and other herbal compounds.

There are ingredients such as Zinc and Coryceps, that will help you boost up your sexual functions, like helping to improve the blood flow into your penis which resulting in a harder and stronger erection, get you a higher libido, and many more. The other ingredients are also good for your general health and they are able to help lowering the cholesterol and body fat.

4. Endorsements by the medical community

It looks like Male Extra is not endorsed yet by any doctors so far. Maybe it is because Male Extra is a quite new product and not a lot of people know about this product yet. But this could also be a red herring that we should be aware of.

5. Testimonials from customers

Strangest thing is the fact that we cannot find any testimonials from the customers so far. Of course this thing could change with time as more people get to know and use this product. But for now, this is a neutral factor.

6. Money back guarantees, if any

Male Extra does come with a risk-free, money back guarantee, which is within 6 months. So you can purchase and try this product without worrying that you might lose your money on something not worth purchasing. But to be able to see the visible result, you do need to use this product for at least 3 months, until you can see if this product is actually worth your money and time.

7. Negative side effects

Because of the natural ingredients contained in Male Extra herbal supplement, you will not get any bad side effects associated with the prescription drugs, such as Viagra. But however, on the first few attempts of taking the pills you may feel a little bit thirsty after swallowing. Therefore you have to drink a lot of water when taking these pills.

Conclusions and recommendations

From reading this short review for Male Extra the penis enhancement product, we can see that there are some advantages we can get from this relatively new product. Male Extra is able to help you get a harder erection and also a higher sex drive. But if you want an increase on your penis size permanently, you have to remember to do the penis enlargement exercise that comes with the pills.

The Male Extra pills alone are not able to help you grow a bigger size of penis. But if you combine the penis enlargement exercise program and the pills, then you will get the maximum results. Even though Male Extra is lacking endorsements from the medical community so far, this product does seem like a legitimate product that is able to help you get the results you want.

Maybe with the time keeps going forward, this penis enhancement product will catch the eyes of the medical community, as it is still relatively unknown at the moment.

If the ingredients contained in this product catch YOUR eyes, of if you like the penis exercise program, you should give this penis enhancement product a try. After all this product does come with money back guarantee that is excellent by standards of the industry.


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